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    El Bueno Y El Malo

    Released October 28, 2022

    Brothers born in Ecuador and raised in Switzerland, have come together to create a signature guitar sound inspired by expansive plains and rough wildernesses, saguaros and surfs, spaghetti westerns and Morricone soundtracks. 'El Bueno Y El Malo' is their most epic journey yet: Working with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach at his Easy Eye Sound Studio in Nashville, they’ve crafted ten vivid compositions that highlight their intimate guitar playing, where one brother’s rhythms and the other brother’s melodies twine around each other so that they become inextricable.

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    Strange Time To Be Alive

    Released August 19, 2022

    Alabama's native son, Early James, will release his sophomore album, Strange Time To Be Alive, on August 19, 2022. The lyrical wordsmith conjures the ghosts of great southern gothic writers from Eudora Welty to William Faulkner, while channeling the haunted spirits of Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt. The album evokes a timeless amalgam of forsaken blues, wistful folk and Tin Pan Alley crooning, anchored by the singer’s unmistakable voice that sways from gravel-filled shouts to pained, forlorn whispers – and songs that tread in the waters of darkly themed broken hearts.

    On the road again since August 2021, Early James will continue touring consistently through 2022. Confirmed upcoming tour dates are with The Black Keys and The Ghost of Paul Revere. Previously, Early James has played Newport Folk and toured with The Lone Bellow, The Marcus King Band, Zachary Williams, and Shovels & Rope.

    1. Racing To A Red Light
    2. Straightjacket For Two
    3. My Sweet Camelia
    4. Pigsty
    5. What A Strange Time To Be Alive
    6. Real Low Down Lonesome (duet with Sierra Ferrell)
    7. Harder To Blame
    8. If Heaven Is A Hotel
    9. Splenda Daddy
    10. Dance In The Fire
    11. Wasted And Wanting
    12. Something For Nothing

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    Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute To John Anderson

    Released August 5, 2022

    There are giants that walk among us. John Anderson is truly a country legend, as his remarkable career has spanned over a staggering 40+ years, starting in 1977 to his last release, Years, produced by Dan Auerbach in 2020. In that period, Anderson has charted more than 40+ singles on the Billboard Country Music Charts, including an impressive five number ones in numerous decades. In 2014 Anderson was elected into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame. His wake of influence throughout his recording career has become that of legend.

    It was during the recording of Years for Easy Eye Sound that noted artists, running the gamut from peers to the influenced, started coming out of the woodwork to heap praise on his body of work. From those many encounters, Dan Auerbach hatched the idea of a tribute to the genius of John Anderson. The herculean talents of everyone from Luke Combs to John Prine, from Eric Church to Tyler Childers, Nathaniel Rateliff to Brothers Osborne, and Ashley McBryde to Gillian Welch & David Rawlings and many more all came together to pay tribute to John and his remarkable contributions in this stunning album.

    1. John Prine - "1959"
    2. Sierra Ferrell - "Years"
    3. Brent Cobb - "Wild And Blue"
    4. Nathaniel Rateliff - "Low Dog Blues"
    5. Eric Church - "Mississippi Moon"
    6. Gillian Welch & David Rawlings - "I Just Came Home To Count The Memories"
    7. Tyler Childers - "Shoot Low Sheriff!"
    8. Luke Combs - "Seminole Wind"
    9. Sturgill Simpson - "When It Comes To You"
    10. Brothers Osborne - "You Can't Judge A Book (By The Cover)"
    11. Del McCoury featuring Sierra Hull - "Would You Catch A Falling Star"
    12. Ashley McBryde - "Straight Tequila Night"
    13. Jamey Johnson - "I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal (But I’m Gonna Be A Diamond Some Day)"

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    Rich White Honky Blues

    Released June 17, 2022

    Blues styles have been used and adapted extensively throughout country music’s recorded history. In fact along with elements of Southern rock, the core of Country Music Hall of Fame member Hank Williams, Jr.’s sound has always been the blues, and his latest album, Rich White Honky Blues, is a sonic testimony to that. Having used these same blues elements on his early albums, this raw and gritty new studio album returns to those roots. The project came together this past summer over three hot days in Nashville, Tennessee inside producer Dan Auerbach’s legendary studio, Easy Eye Sound. The vibrant and raucous album was recorded live with some of the finest blues session players in the country with Kenny Brown (guitar), Eric Deaton (bass) and Kinney Kimbrough (drums) all joining Bocephus and Auerbach in the studio. Never one to rest on his laurels, even after 56 studio albums and induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the acclaimed singer/songwriter and musician is still finding new creative ground to explore.

    1. .44 Special Blues
    2. Georgia Women
    3. My Starter Won't Start
    4. Take Out Some Insurance
    5. Rich White Honky Blues
    6. Short Haired Woman
    7. Fireman Ring The Bell
    8. Rock Me Baby
    9. I Like It When It's Stormy
    10. Call Me Thunderhead
    11. TV Mama
    12. Jesus, Will You Come By Here

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    Forever On My Mind

    Released March 18, 2022

    A new Son House album of previously unreleased recordings from the legendary “Father Of The Delta Blues” features the never before recorded track, “Forever On My Mind.” The album comes from noted blues manager and historian Dick Waterman’s archives which were the first upon Son House’s 1964 re-discovery. Restored to remarkable clarity, by producer Dan Auerbach for Easy Eye Sound, these recordings represent the earliest recordings of House upon his return to the limelight after 20+ years away.

    1. Forever On My Mind
    2. Preachin’ Blues
    3. Empire State Express
    4. Death Letter
    5. The Way Mother Did
    6. Louise McGhee
    7. Pony Blues
    8. Levee Camp Moan

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    Sweet Unknown

    Released March 4, 2022

    Strutting out of the historic town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Ceramic Animal forge an original and exciting new sound from glam, post-punk, psych rock, ’70s pop, and so much more. Just as crucially, this band of brothers--Chris Regan (vocals, guitar), Erik Regan (drums), and Elliott Regan (vocals, keys), along with childhood friend Anthony Marchione (guitar) and Dallas Hosey (vocals, bass)—have found success on their own terms, bucking industry conventions to attract a large and far-flung fan base spanning generations and genres. They’re already a success story based on their first three self-funded, self-produced, and self-released albums.

    Their fourth, however, shows the spoils of their success. Recorded with Dan Auerbach at his legendary Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville, Sweet Unknown is their most mature, their most imaginative, their most daring to date, colliding the glitter-stomp of T. Rex, the rock-and-roll decadence of any-period David Bowie, and the extravagant melodicism of Todd Rundgren. Musically exuberant, these ten new songs are shot through with an undercurrent of sadness, with songs like “Long Day” and “Private Dancer” and even the rip-roaring closer “Valerie” addressing loss, absence, and estrangement. It’s an album that grabs you by the lapels on first listen, but tells you dark secrets with every subsequent spin.

    1. Tangled
    2. I Can’t Wait
    3. I Love A Stranger
    4. Long Day
    5. Forever Song
    6. Sweet Unknown
    7. Up In Smoke
    8. Private Dancer
    9. I Don’t Wanna Wait
    10. Valerie

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    Nightmare Daydream

    Released October 8, 2021

    Nightmare Daydream, the debut album from primal rock and roll trio, The Velveteers, is the culmination of the raw power and electric voice of singer/guitarist Demi Demitro with the primal rhythm of her two drummers, Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig. Fused with the studio prowess of GRAMMY® Award-winning producer, Dan Auerbach, the album is a crushing combination of 70s style psychedelia and the hard rock of the California desert.

    1. Dark Horse
    2. Motel #27
    3. Father Of Lies
    4. Bless Your Little Heart
    5. Charmer And The Snake
    6. Brightest Light
    7. What A Smile Can Hide
    8. Choking
    9. Nightmare Daydream
    10. Beauty Queens
    11. Devil’s Radio
    12. Limboland

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    Year of the Spider

    Released August 20, 2021

    The widely anticipated studio album from garage rock idols Shannon & The Clams, Year Of The Spider, is slated for a summer 2021 release. The band returned to Nashville to record with Dan Auerbach at his legendary Easy Eye Sound studio this past year. Fresh off of their standout album, Onion, and supporting tours with the likes of The Black Keys and Greta Van Fleet, they returned to the studio to craft their utterly unique vintage sound that incorporates wonderfully strange elements of doo-wop, classic R&B, garage psych and surf rock to produce this timeless gem from these perennial favorites. The band, fronted by Shannon Shaw and Cody Blanchard on lead vocals with Will Sprott on keyboards and Nate Mahan on drums, crafted an endlessly vivacious, ebullient and clever album from the kings and queen of the Bay Area garage punk scene.

    1. Do I Wanna Stay
    2. All Of My Cryin’
    3. Midnight Wine
    4. I Need You Bad
    5. Year Of The Spider
    6. In The Hills, In The Pines
    7. Godstone
    8. Snakes Crawl
    9. Mary, Don’t Go
    10. Leaves Fall Again
    11. Flowers Will Return
    12. Crawl
    13. Vanishing

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    Stand for Myself

    Released July 30, 2021

    Stand for Myself is the anthemic new album from Yola. Produced by Dan Auerbach, the record is a timeless masterpiece marking an idiosyncratic sonic shift, which will defy all expectations. A sophisticated and diverse sonic mix of symphonic soul and classic pop, tracing an expansive musical thread to Yola’s most eclectic musical inspirations. Yola’s inimitable vocals share nuanced stories of allyship, black feminine strength through vulnerability, collective awakening and loving connection from the sexual to the social. Yola declares that it is only when we stand for ourselves, and acknowledge our complexity, that we can be truly alive. For Yola, living is more than merely surviving.

    1. Barely Alive
    2. Dancing Away In Tears
    3. Diamond Studded Shoes
    4. Be My Friend
    5. Great Divide
    6. Starlight
    7. If I Had To Do It All Again
    8. Now You’re Here
    9. Whatever You Want
    10. Break The Bough
    11. Like A Photograph
    12. Stand For Myself

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    Sharecropper’s Son

    Released May 21, 2021

    Sharecropper’s Son is the career-defining new album from Robert Finley, “the greatest living soul singer” who in a bizarre twist, found overnight success after 67 years of hard work. Following Finley’s semi-finalist appearance on America’s Got Talent, he returned to the studio to follow-up his critically acclaimed record, Goin' Platinum! The resulting Dan Auerbach produced album is a soulful masterpiece, rooted in the vintage sounds of southern harmony, rhythm and blues. Recorded at Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville with legendary music studio veterans, Finley’s formidable vocals and lyrical stylings take center stage, sharing personal stories inspired by his Louisiana country childhood during the Jim Crow era south. His tales of pain and joy uplift as Finley reflects on his belief that you are never too young to dream and never too old to live.

    1. Souled Out on You
    2. Make Me Feel Alright
    3. Country Child
    4. Sharecropper's Son
    5. My Story
    6. Starting to See
    7. I Can Feel Your Pain
    8. Better Than I Treat Myself
    9. Country Boy
    10. All My Hope

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    Smoke from the Chimney

    Released May 7, 2021

    Smoke from the Chimney, the posthumous album by Louisiana swamp rock pioneer Tony Joe White, brings to life previously unknown home recordings by the legendary songwriter and musician. White’s eclectic legacy has persevered through decades of influence, covers and popular culture. Starting with the album’s genesis as an unforeseen trove of demos to the hands of producer Dan Auerbach and legendary session musicians, Smoke from the Chimney captures Tony Joe White’s signature style in its purest form, and serves as a living testimony to one of the most gifted lyricists and storytellers music has ever known.

    1. Smoke from the Chimney
    2. Boot Money
    3. Del Rio, You’re Making Me Cry
    4. Listen to Your Song
    5. Over You
    6. Scary Stories
    7. Bubba Jones
    8. Someone Is Crying
    9. Billy

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    Released April 10, 2020

    Legendary country artist John Anderson returns with his new album Years, to be released April 10 on Easy Eye Sound. Produced by Dan Auerbach and David “Fergie” Ferguson, the album includes ten new original songs, as well as special guest appearance by Blake Shelton on the track “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone.” Created in the midst of a serious health crisis, Years is the product of the unlikely and, ultimately, richly rewarding collaboration between Anderson with Auerbach, who wrote all ten songs on the album together along with help from Paul Overstreet, Pat McLaughlin, Ferguson, Dee White, Joe Allen, Bobby Wood and Larry Cordle.

    1. I'm Still Hangin' On
    2. Celebrate
    3. Years
    4. Tuesday I'll Be Gone
    5. What's a Man Got To Do
    6. Wild and Free
    7. Slow Down
    8. All We're Really Looking For
    9. Chasing Down a Dream
    10. You're Nearly Nothing

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    Singing For My Supper

    Released March 13, 2020

    Early James, an Alabama native and the latest signing to Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound roster, releases his debut album, Singing for My Supper, via Easy Eye and Nonesuch Records on March 13, 2020. The album spans hard-charging blues, wistful folk, and ages-old pop crooning, anchored by the singer’s voice that oscillates from gravel-gruff shout to a honey-smooth whisper. James’ inspirations run from Fiona Apple and Tom Waits to the Southern gothic poets, as heard in the album’s darker themes and in the wry humor with which he writes about them.

    1. Blue Pill Blues
    2. Stockholm Syndrome
    3. Way of the Dinosaur
    4. Clockwork Town
    5. Easter Eggs
    6. It Doesn’t Matter Now
    7. High Horse
    8. All Down Hill
    9. Gone as a Ghost
    10. Dishes in the Dark

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    Cypress Grove

    Released October 18, 2019

    72-year-old bluesman Jimmy “Duck” Holmes’ new album, the Dan Auerbach produced Cypress Grove, captures the raw, explosive sound of real Mississippi Juke-Joint Blues today. Cypress Grove is an aural postcard of a typical Saturday night at Holmes’ Blue Front Café, America’s longest operating juke joint. The album is anchored by tradition — which is natural, since Holmes is the last of the original torchbearers of the rural style known as Bentonia blues—but it’s also explosive, raw, and unpredictably in the moment.

    1. Hard Times
    2. Cypress Grove
    3. Catfish Blues
    4. Goin’ Away Baby
    5. Rock Me
    6. Little Red Rooster
    7. Devil Got My Woman
    8. All Night Long
    9. Gonna Get Old Someday
    10. Train Train
    11. Two Women

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    Solid Gold Sounds

    Released October 11, 2019

    Over the past two decades, Kendell Marvel has become one of the great storied songwriters in Nashville. For years, he’s quietly written massive hits for Country royalty – from George Strait to Jake Owen, Gary Allan to Chris Stapleton – but now has stepped from behind the pen and paper into the studio and spotlight. The result is Solid Gold Sounds – a stellar album that weaves a rich tapestry of deep southern songwriting with the unique gravity and talent Marvel brings as a one-of-a-kind performer.

    1. Hard Time with the Truth
    2. Let It Go
    3. When It’s Good
    4. Blood in the Water
    5. I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You
    6. Cadillac’n
    7. If You Know What’s Good
    8. Musta Kept It for Himself
    9. Easy Rider
    10. Roots of My Raisin’

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    Vernon’s Diamond

    Released April 13, 2019

    Easy Eye Sound will release two previously lost and unreleased tracks from the archives of the legendary Link Wray. “Vernon’s Diamond” which was recorded between 1958-59 at the Broadway Recording Studio in NYC and “My Brother, My Son” recorded in 1970 at Fred Foster Studios in Nashville, TN, will be released as a 7-inch vinyl on Record Store Day 2019. All profits from sales of the 7-inch will benefit a planned Link Wray Statue in his home state of North Carolina.

    1. Vernon's Diamond
    2. My Brother, My Son

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    The Angels In Heaven Done Signed My Name

    Released March 8, 2019

    Leo Bud Welch, the deceased delta bluesman, spent his life honing his musical craft. The Mississippi native and 30-year lumberjack performed as a gospel singer in his small hometown for years before he made his first record when he was in his seventies. The influence of the region he called home, his years of musicianship, and his well-lived life blended together to create music that is as unique as he is. Produced by Dan Auerbach at Easy Eye Sound studios in Nashville, TN with performances by Richard Swift.

    1. I Know I Been Changed
    2. Jesus Is on The Mainline
    3. Don’t Let the Devil Ride
    4. I Come to Praise His Name
    5. Walk with Me Lord
    6. Right on Time
    7. I Want to Be At The Meeting
    8. I Wanna Die Easy
    9. Let It Shine
    10. Sweet Home

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    Southern Gentleman

    Released March 1, 2019

    Stripped free of pitch correction and studio trickery, Southern Gentleman is an honest portrayal of a 19 year-old natural. Dee White's songs are classics-in-the-making, inspired by traditional sounds but happily rooted in the 21st century. This isn't a throwback record. Instead, it's a contemporary, ageless album — one that packs just as strong a punch today as it would've 50 years ago.

    1. Wherever You Go
    2. Rose of Alabam
    3. Bucket of Bolts
    4. Crazy Man
    5. Tell the World I Do
    6. Ol' Muddy River
    7. Road That Goes Both Ways (feat. Ashley McBryde)
    8. Way Down
    9. Oh No
    10. Under Your Skin

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    Walk Through Fire

    Released February 22, 2019

    Walk Through Fire, the debut album from Yola, establishes her as the queen of country soul from the first note. The Dan Auerbach–produced album is a contemporary twist on a traditional sonic tapestry of orchestral strings, fiddle, steel, and shimmering tremolo guitars. Walk Through Fire is a career-defining and genre-bending release from one of the most exciting emerging British artists in music today. Yola's arresting vocals captivate with sincere tales of heartache and loves lost, forgotten, and broken.

    1. Faraway Look
    2. Shady Grove
    3. Ride out in the Country
    4. It Ain't Easier
    5. Walk Through Fire
    6. Rock Me Gently
    7. Love All Night (Work All Day)
    8. Deep Blue Dream
    9. Lonely the Night
    10. Still Gone
    11. Keep Me Here
    12. Love Is Light

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    Released November 9, 2018

    The Gibson Brothers—siblings Eric and Leigh Gibson—have already made over a dozen albums, but none quite like the new Dan Auerbach–produced Mockingbird. Their newest venture is an effortless blend of classic '70s-infused rock and timeless country, a modern twist on their traditional bluegrass sound, and harmonies that will keep you wishing for more.

    1. Travelin' Day
    2. Cool Drink Of Water
    3. Love The Land
    4. Sweet Lucinda
    5. Special One
    6. Lay Your Body Down
    7. So Much Love In My Baby's Eyes
    8. Come Down
    9. Everybody Hurt
    10. I'm A Better Man
    11. Not Gonna Be Tonight

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    Shannon In Nashville

    Released June 8, 2018

    Shannon Shaw, of Shannon & the Clams, establishes herself as the queen of smoky, blue-eyed soul with her '60s-inspired debut album, Shannon In Nashville, produced by Dan Auerbach.

    1. Frames
    2. The Mirror
    3. Broke My Own
    4. Leather, Metal, Steel
    5. Freddies 'n Teddies
    6. Love I Can't Explain
    7. Cryin' My Eyes Out
    8. Goodbye Summer
    9. Cold Pillows
    10. Lord of Alaska
    11. I Might Consider
    12. Make Believe
    13. Coal on the Fire

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    Rod For Your Love

    Released March 2, 2018

    Sonny Smith from Sonny & The Sunsets returns with his most remarkable album to date with Rod for Your Love, produced by Dan Auerbach.

    1. Pictures of You
    2. Lost
    3. Adventures
    4. Slaves
    5. Live, Love and Be Free
    6. Rod for Your Love
    7. Burnin' Up
    8. Refugees
    9. More Bad Times
    10. Bores Me to Tears

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    Released February 16, 2018

    The Oakland-based, indie garage punk quartet Shannon & the Clams, known for a diverse sound that incorporates elements of doo-wop, early rock & roll, classic R&B, garage psych, and surf rock as influences, released its fifth album, Onion, this time working with producer Dan Auerbach and Easy Eye Sound.

    1. The Boy
    2. It's Gonna Go Away
    3. Backstreets
    4. If You Could Know
    5. I Never Wanted Love
    6. Onion
    7. Did You Love Me
    8. Love Strike
    9. I Leave Again
    10. Tryin'
    11. Tell Me When You Leave
    12. Strange Wind
    13. Don't Close Your Eyes

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    Goin’ Platinum!

    Released October 8, 2017

    "Right from the first farking note, this s*** is dope!" —Taj Mahal

    "He's the greatest living soul singer as far as I'm concerned." –Dan Auerbach

    1. Get It While You Can
    2. Medicine Woman
    3. If You Forget My Love
    4. Three Jumpers
    5. Honey, Let Me Stay the Night
    6. You Don't Have to Do Right
    7. Complications
    8. Real Love Is Like Hard Time
    9. Empty Arms
    10. Holy Wine

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    Waiting On A Song

    Released June 2, 2017

    Waiting On A Song is Dan Auerbach’s much anticipated follow-up to 2009’s Keep It Hid.

    1. Waiting on a Song
    2. Malibu Man
    3. Livin' in Sin
    4. Shine on Me
    5. King of a One Horse Town
    6. Never in My Wildest Dreams
    7. Cherrybomb
    8. Stand by My Girl
    9. Undertow
    10. Show Me

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    Son Of Rumble

    Released April 13, 2017

    "It's time we give Link Wray a statue on the top of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame." — Dan Auerbach

    The legendary guitarist's never-released follow-up to "Rumble," the song that introduced the world to power chords and intentional distortion, will be released as a vinyl 7" b/w another never-heard track, "Whole Lotta Talking."

    1. Son of Rumble
    2. Whole Lotta Talking