Yellow Peril [Limited Edition Green and Black Marble Vinyl]

Yellow Peril [Limited Edition Green and Black Marble Vinyl]

Release Date: June 23, 2023
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  • Limited edition first pressing black and green marble color
  • Standard weight
  • Single-pocket jacket

A poet with a staggering and true voice, Korean-American troubadour Nat Myers' folksy blues and remarkable pickin' are authentic, timeless, and enduring. The Kenton County, KY native's delivery harkens to traditional blues giants, but it's his unique blend of modern roots and Americana that continues to make crowds drop their jaws. Recorded live at the 100-year-old-plus home of producer Dan Auerbach, the album is haunted with the ghosts of the rich history of the blues.



  1. 75-71
  2. Trixin’
  3. Yellow Peril
  4. Ramble No More
  5. Duck N’ Dodge


  1. Roscoe
  2. Misbehavin’ Mama
  3. Heart Like A Scroll
  4. Undertaker Blues
  5. Pray For Rain

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