Nightmare Daydream [Digital Album]

Nightmare Daydream [Digital Album]

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Nightmare Daydream, the debut album from the formidable rock trio, The Velveteers, is the culmination of the raw power and electric voice of singer/guitarist Demi Demitro with the primal rhythm of two drummers, Baby Pottersmith and Jonny Fig. Fused with the studio prowess of GRAMMY® Award winning producer, Dan Auerbach, the album is a crushing combination of 70s style psychedelia and the hard rock of the California desert.

1. Dark Horse (3:16)
2. Motel #27 (2:48)
3. Father Of Lies (4:17)
4. Bless Your Little Heart (3:10)
5. Charmer And The Snake (2:49)
6. Brightest Light (3:08)
7. What A Smile Can Hide (3:27)
8. Choking (2:07)
9. Nightmare Daydream (2:58)
10. Beauty Queens (3:21)
11. Devil’s Radio (2:53)
12. Limboland (3:44)

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